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Nathan's complaint against Go skippy

Nathan Macleod


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Complaint against Go skippy

This is the worst insurance company I’ve ever used. On the 3-9-18 I attempted to swap the insurance from one car to another of mine bearing in mind a 2L down to a 800CC. I expected with this the price of my remaining premium would reduce or at least stay the same, as it has in the past with previous insurers. First I was told there was a £50 admin fee with an extra £58 on the remaining premium. So I quiried this and given no explaination to the increase in price. I then attempted to cancel the insurance all together I was told I wouldn’t recive any no claims for the time with the company plus a £75 cancellation fee. Leaving me to continue paying an extortionate premium. Will never be using Go Skippy again when this nightmare is through.

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