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Response to reporting misplaced bank card

Complaint against Post Office Savings

despite my best efforts, I could not find my basic cash card last week, so I phoned to report it, explaining that whilst it had not left the house, I could not find it. I was passed from one department to another, and finally was put through to Pensions...! Right dept. staff member was happy to cancel the card, based on info which I provided. However, was insistent that I write in so that my signature could be checked as a match. At no time have I ever been asked to scan the signed card; neither is this in terms and conditions. It beggars belief that they will cancel the card quite happily on someone's say so, then say that they are unsure that I am the card holder and so I must write to them. Customer complaints today said that the complaint had not reached them, and "don't have half an hour to go through it. A taped conversation which beggars belief

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