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Amy's complaint against Axa



Travel Insurance took 10 days to fly my dad home with a broken hip for an operation in the UK.

Complaint against Axa

My parents were on their honeymoon in Aruba and a week and a half into their stay, my dad fell over in their hotel room and broke his hip at midnight on Friday 1st July. Axa Assist were contacted about my dad falling over on Saturday 2nd July, by Saturday evening they knew that he needed to be flown to the UK for a serious operation. They lied to my family that he would be flown home on a stretcher on his original flight that Tuesday, but when we phoned Thomson they informed us this was not possible as stretchers weren't available on their planes. The Axa Assist medical team then advised that he could fly sat up against medical advise of the hospital doctor in Aruba. We had to argue to get him flown home on a stretcher with a nurse. Axa Assist delayed approval of the claim because they didn't request a fit to fly certificate immediately after being informed about his need to fly home - they waited until Monday afternoon to request this and didn't receive it until Tuesday afternoon as the Dr in Aruba was in surgery. They also delayed approval of the claim because they refused to accept my written confirmation of their flight details and had to wait for the Thomson rep to get involved and provide them the information as they were taking too long to source this from Thomson. My mum then had to pay her hotel accommodation because Axa didn't pay the hotel directly for her continued stay - as the policy states and as I was told they would do. Axa Assist also promised to pay any hospital fees due before my parents left, but again this wasn't done and my mum had to foot the bill before they left for the airport. My parent's departure details were not confirmed until the following Friday - 7 days after the accident and they only rang my mum for the first time on Saturday - 24 hours before their departure. On the flight home my dad was almost dropped on a body board, made to sit in a wheelchair and then made to sit on seats (for the second flight only) because KLM hadn't arranged the stretcher for him properly and the crew were unable to get him on it. This is in addition to their appalling customer service, being chased by my sister and I countless times, failing to contact my mum after repeated requests plus miscommunication and lies. We also had to find out for them from Thomson about flight capabilities, plus inform Axa that there were no direct flights out of Aruba - they were not treating this case as a priority at all given that there was a man sat in hospital with a broken hip who couldn't be operated on until he returned home. Throughout all of this, not once would they agree to a medical evacuation by air ambulance either.

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