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serena's complaint against Axa

serena maxwell


Unprofessional Treatment and Unfair Charges

Complaint against Axa

While in the supermarket I came out of it with my Mum to find that somebody had smashed into my car. It has now been written off. My Mum and I could have been in the car at the time which means that we would have been injured. The damage was so extensive that the 3rd party driver knocked out the steering column. Due to the terms of my Insurance Policy with AXA I was provided with a courtesy car. I noticed on Sunday 3rd June that he front tyre on the drivers side looked strange. On closer inspection I could see the threading. I immediately sought advice and was told that this was not a good sign. I called the Enterprise breakdown and informed them of what I had observed. After a few hours the AA Breakdown person attended. I showed him the tyre and he told me that I was correct in calling them. He said that had I driven back down the motorway to London there would have been a blow out and the consequences would not have been very good. I left London earlier in the afternoon to pick up my Mum and 3 other ladies from a women's conference. They are all mothers and have families. We were recovered to Luton Airport and I was given another car, the one mentioned above. On receipt of this letter I was absolutely shocked and disturbed. At the airport I was asked if I had hit the tyre and I said no because I was telling the truth. I actually said to the person behind the Enterprise counter that if I had hit the tyre I would have admitted to doing so. Also I would not have called the Breakdown I would have tried to buy another tyre because I am aware that you have to leave the car in a good condition. Since that 3rd party person smashed my car up I have had nothing but stress. The entire experience has cost me a lot of money around £1000 that I do not have access to and had to borrow. Imagine going into a supermarket to take your Mum shopping who has a Blue Badge due to her own disabilities and coming out of it to find that somebody has smashed into your car and driven off as if that is acceptable behaviour. AXA say that they are not responsible for the tyre damage but neither am I. Both myself and my passengers including my Mum could have been killed when driving back to London. I am now going to be charged £225.00 for a tyre that I did not personally damage. This is very unjust. I am no longer in possession of this vehicle because my Insurance company took it away from me even though I had to pay an extra £45.00 to keep the car for another 2 days. They had my actual car from around the 23rd May and only sent an email on the 13th June, they did not even have the decency to call me to let me know that they had decided to write my car off. I am very distressed at the moment and feel as if I am fighting at all corners to get some kind of justice. I have been left out of pocket and am now expected to source funds for tyre damage. AXA refused to pay for the damage to my car because it went over the repairs threshold. In the meantime I have had to go through the trouble of reapplying for car finance, hiring a car because I cannot use public transport due to sciatica and a bad left leg. I have a damaged nerve in my spine so I am constantly in pain. I received physio for it. Financially this has been a very expensive and difficult experience. I had the courtesy car for 24 days yes, but during that entire period not 1 time did I receive a phone call to say that my car was going to be written off. I got an email which is inappropriate and not good enough. If I was a person that did not check their emails regularly I would never have known. Then when called to say why is this the case it was like well its too much to repair the car and basically oh well that's it. I have to drive to work, I've had to borrow money to get around. This is very distressing and has put me in debt. I am very hurt by all of this and would like something to be done. I would like to be compensated for my loss. please. I was even charged as per my policy the £250.00 excess and keep being told that I will get the money back once the 3rd party has admitted liability. There was video footage and witnesses got the number plate so they cannot deny liability.Also with regards to the tyre damage on the Mokka that is not my fault. I did not accidentally or deliberately damage the tyre. If I did then yes I would admit it but I did not and cannot be charged for this. I have never ever missed a payment with my monthly premium and have stayed with AXA for the past few years and this is what I get back? Its unjust and I would like to be refunded for my personal losses, the fact that both my Mum and me could have been killed and also because I have not been able to rest or sleep due to the tension. Not to mention the constant pain that I have been in since this entire incident. I also have photographic evidence of the tyre. I have asked to be compensated for this because it has been a very stressful and painful month both physically and emotionally.

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