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Ian's complaint against Admiral Group

Ian Starr


Insurance Highwayman has my pants down

Complaint against Admiral Group

So I sold my car. Great news you would think. Slightly dampened by Admiral pulling down my pants well and truely in the space of a week with an amendment fee and then cancellation fee on my policy. With nearly 4 months of my policy remaining when I rang to cancel I was expecting something back but just £1+ ? Really ? Oh yes, there's a £49 fee to cancel. Blimey, did I here the rumble of hoofs in the back ground and the tones of Adam Ant bellowing "Stand an Deliver!". Turns out, it is a trait across the insurance board so not just Admiral so I can't aim my arrow of complaint entirely in their direction but still, in principle, I won't be giving them anymore of my money and will be looking more closely on what companies charge. It's about time the ombudsman got a grip on these charges like we saw with credit card charging. Be warned, not all east sailing on the Admirals good ship.

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