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sally's complaint against Student Loans Company

sally hudson


Customer ref :13549095645

Complaint against Student Loans Company

I am writing to explain the complete unacceptable service provided by the student loans company whilst dealing with my sons recent application for student loans. The whole shambolic saga has been disgusting beyond words. I am so angry as I write this that I WILL NOT LET THIS GO, I want it sorted out I want an explanation has to how this simple student loan request has become the complete mess it has and I might also add, that this has not been down to one phone operator but every single person we have spoke too! They have either not followed up the request, dealt with us insufficiently or have not passed on the information, every single person has fobbed us off and now the end of September we are still no closer to sorting out any financing for my son. IT IS DISGUSTING and there is something fundamentally wrong with the student finance organisation and the training of its staff. So I will start from the beginning, in July my son tried to log on and set up an internet account for his student loans, only to be told that his national insurance number was in use. So he rang the SLC to be told he had to fill in a paper copy, they sent it through my son and I completed the form, he had to send in a covering letter to explain, the year in which the student loans is based on I was single, I have since moved in with my partner. The student loans then sent back the form because my son had not signed the declaration, on the 10th of August my son returned the signed declaration form back recorded delivery. My son rang a few times to see what was happening, and every operator fobbed him off, told him it was being processed or was waiting for more information and a letter had been sent out with regards to the 1st sponsor? We were both confused, my son obviously just turned 18 this is the first time he has had to organise something this important, he takes everything that's said and does not challenge for an explanation, he was told at some point that my partner had to connect his student loans account with my sons because this would provide some information that was needed, when we tried to do this, my sons account never existed? So I phone at the end of August feeling slightly exasperated at the lack of progress with my sons account. I spoke to a really helpful operator whom appeared to understand the importance of the situation and really wanted to help resolve this. He looked at my sons account and explained " I can see we are waiting for the signed declaration" I explained we sent this recorded on the 10th of aug, "oh yes" the operator said "I can see that, no one has dealt with this, also I can see we are waiting for xxxxs dad to send in his information", I explained he is not XXXX dad but my partner, " oh okay, we don't need his information. If you could send us XXXXs passport we can process his application form and you will have an answer by the 10th September". So that very day we sent the passport by recorded delivery. My son then phones around the 10th of september and is told again they are waiting for sponsor ones information and he has not sent back the signed declaration form, he explains everything again, "oh yes I can see no one has looked at your application" was the response. "We will need to send out a form for sponsor one to fill out............................." My partner rings again when this form does not arrive to ask what is going on, to be told they will send out the form, a letter arrives on the 21st of september to say due to the lack of information my son will only receive £3731 for the year. This does not even cover his rent!!! and today on the 29th September we still have no form for my partner to fill in. I have just rung to speak to a manager someone that can help resolve this to be told, there is no manager for me to speak too, I have to wait for a 48 hr call back, the lady in question also explained they can not discuss anything with me and only will speak to my son. I explained I have only one day off, so a 48 hr wait is unacceptable. Again the operator explains there is nothing she can do to help, they will only speak to my son. Again I become so upset and angry I hang up the phone, I do not wish to vent at the operator who obviously has no training in customer service or empathy. I may also add, at the start of this call I am told the "current wait time is 6 minutes", in fact it takes 15 mins for someone to answer the phone. The current cost of phoning student loans throughout the month has reached £30 and we still do not have a answer, it is so ridiculous that it would almost be funny, if it did not have such serious implications. My son has now left for uni, he has very little money to support himself, he has left home for the first time so is adapting to having to live alone in a strange city and student loans will still not help to resolve this situation, all they will continue to do is fob us off and pass the buck, the detrimental effect this has had on the stress levels and mental health of my son has no monetary value, the whole experience for my son has been tarnished by the SLC incompetence. I do not know where else to turn to for advice or support, it almost seems as if the entire SLC operator population have been trained in evasive maneuvers as opposed to resolving. Please help a very stressed student with a very perplexed mum.

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