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Olivia's complaint against Barclays UK

Olivia Rowland


Awful customer service - two hours speaking to morons

Complaint against Barclays UK

I have never had such dreadful customer service in my life as I have today. I have been trying to access the money in my account - £75 - for weeks while I am overseas. Nothing I try - telephone banking, app, online, international transfer, transferring to my mortgage, closing the account and getting a cheque - works. I have spent hours speaking to idiots in your call centres today, repeating the same information and getting nowhere. One person cut me off, someone else gave me a wrong number and all of the customer service agents repeatedly put me on hold. Nobody has helped me at all and I have wasted hours in the middle of the night calling from New Zealand. BY the end of nearly two hours on the phone in the middle of the night I was in tears. I feel completed disrespected as your customer.

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Olivia Rowland | | VERIFIED

This issue was resolved but only after considerable persistence on my part. Not impressed.
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