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Al's complaint against Barclays UK

Al Lewis


Decided I was liable for £950 bank Fraud, even whilst I was on the phone to them!

Complaint against Barclays UK

I was the victim of a sophisticated fraud in mid-July. The fraudsters had managed to gain my account details from somewhere, and I was unsuspectingly sent a replacement bank card which I had not asked for. The same day, the fraudsters phoned me (from a number which was saying it was Barclays) and managed to convince me to give personal details because my account had suspected fraud on it in Aberdeen. I then received a text message at 11:49pm saying a request to transfer £440 (via Barclays Pingit) to a person I had never heard of was pending approval. I hadn't even set up a Pingit account. I logged onto my online banking to see that 3 transactions for £100 each had taken place in Leicester (I live in Hereford), so I phoned the Barclays Fraud Line. An hour on the phone, and another £650 out of my account whilst this call was taking place, I eventually had a guarantee that my money would be returned. It was returned a week later. Now, a further month on, I have received a letter saying that the Fraud was my fault, as they had no evidence that it was not me making the withdrawals. This, despite the fact that I was 100 miles away from where the Fraud was occurring and on the phone to their Fraud Team whilst further withdrawals were being made. I have now made an official complaint, as there is no way I should be found liable for this Fraud.

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