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Jess's complaint against Barclays UK

Jess Williams


Fraud Complaint

Complaint against Barclays UK

I have been a customer of Barclays for the last 29 years. I was a victim of fraud over the Easter bank holiday yet again and where my internet banking was hacked into and a fraudulent loan was taken out in my name. I of course reported the fraud straight away and your fraud department did put a stop on everything and refunded the funds that were taken from my account. I was told at this stage that it would take 10 working days for a fraud investigator to take place and I would be notified of the outcome. I was also told that the fraudulent loan (in the sum of £6,5000) would be removed from my account and included in the fraud case. I was also reassured that the loan would not affect my credit rating and this would be dealt with on a swiftly basis. Unfortunately, I have received paperwork from Barclays detailing the terms and conditions of the loan, further letters setting out direct debits to repay this loan and regular automated phone messages stating that I have not made the payments and this will be passed to a debt collection agent and will impact my credit rating. This is causing a great deal of stress and I am in turn not sleeping because of it. Unfortunately, I have had to lodge 4 complaints via Barclays’ online complaint section as not one single person has been getting back in contact with me. This is simply not acceptable. Whilst I appreciate Barclays is a busy bank, the loan situation is not acceptable. I attended a local branch in Colchester, Essex on Saturday and was told that a Linda Cole would look into the situation for me. Mrs Cole has kindly left me a voicemail and I do in turn intend to return her call tomorrow (as I have a day of from work). However, I strongly feel my fraud case is not being dealt with. I am of course accruing interest on this loan and it is extremely upsetting for me. I am hoping to sell my house and buy a bigger property for my family this year but fear I may not be able to do this as my credit rating is being impacted by this. I would be grateful if you could assist me with this matter as a matter of urgency. I look forward to hearing from you.

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James | | VERIFIED

Hi Jess I have had a very similar experience to yours. How are you progressing with it now? I have made four separate complaints regarding my treatment and two months later have received not a single response. After eight weeks you are entitled to progress your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if you have not received any final response from the bank - have you considered this as a route to take? James
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