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Peter's complaint against Barclays UK

Peter Smith


Lack of statements for 8yrs & no communication from bank

Complaint against Barclays UK

approx 8yrs ago an unknown person hit suppress statements button & 4 main mgrs & lackys cant get it unsuppressed. i got a computer printout of 6 yrs statements that are so small they are virtually unreadable & it will take a mgr to decipher them. 1 asst mgr glanced at them & said youve been overcharged in several places, but i dont know what to look for! The last mgr gave me £100 compensation & a promise to get the last 2 yrs printouts & the suppression sorted, neither happened. our son banks at the same bank & he gets his statements. Their head office alledges all statements have been posted. Our sorting office has done a search, changed postmen & we still get all other post inc from USA. We have got very no response from mgrs unless we go to them & none from head office only thro our mgr on phone. How can statements be sent if it clearly states on their computer theyve been suppressed? Wrote to head of ombudsman, Dame Costello & got no reply, so my wife wrote a 2nd time slagging her off for not replying & still got no reply! & we're all told, if you have a complaint with a bank etc, write to your ombudsman! Yeah right! another waste of our time & money paying Dames too much for nothing.

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Peter Smith | | VERIFIED

To, A Spokesman said, Barclays & The Ombudsman. You have my full permission to discuss any matter with my wife Katherine (Katie) as its a joint account & her phone No, as my health is failing & i might not be able to talk. Ive banked with Barclays for 51 yrs & i recon ive got more chances of winning the lottery before i die! Whose going to prove this comedian wrong?
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