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Paul's complaint against HMRC

Paul Donoghue


I was scammed and taken to court by this company

Complaint against HMRC

I saw a lot of advertising by this company and decided to use them to file a claim for a rebate on my work mileage tax. I sent off for a form and quickly received one, filled it in and sent it off. Heard nothing for a while, then they emailed me saying I was owed a certain amount because I was self employed. I am not self employed, I work for a large company and have done for a very long time. HMRC also got in touch with me enquiring about this claim because they didn't understand why it had been process as though I was self employed. I explained this in an email and a letter to this company, and over the phone and through a letter to HMRC. HMRC also said they would contact this company to let them know they had processed my claim incorrectly. I heard absolutely nothing for months, then suddenly I had a letter from the court saying I had failed to pay this company £250 and I had been warned several times that I needed to pay. Bailiffs came to my door because it had been so long that I didn't even have this companies email address any more and they list nothing but a PO box on their website so I couldn't get immediate contact with them. I eventually got their email by messaging their Facebook page and explained to them what happened. It took them over a week to respond and I was basically told that it was all my fault because I owed them money and ignored them (despite me sending several letters and emails months prior and them never actually asking for this money after I told them they hadn't processed the claim right). They didn't provide the service I apparently paid for because they got none of my information correct and didn't even bother to make another claim with the right information. I replied instantly to their email and asked for a breakdown of their costs as well as an explanation as to why they feel I owe them this money since they didn't even provide their services and I've been completely ignored, even after sending a further two emails asking for a response. I asked for a phone number to speak to someone 3 times and was ignored. Utterly disgusting company who has no remorse for the pain and stress they have caused my family because they just want to squeeze money out of us. I couldn't even file against the claim because they very cleverly only claimed for an amount slightly lower than what I would have to pay the court to argue my own case. The bailiff I've had to deal with can't even provide any information about who this company is because he only has their PO box as well. Hardly anything comes up on the Internet about them which is a big red flag- just seems to be some scam company who are out to make some money.

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