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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Zurich Insurance

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Broken cistern 2( as this is our second claim)

Complaint against Zurich Insurance

We had two claims within 18 months. Zurich insurance dealt with the first claim completely differently than the second one (we had been waiting for 6 months and still waiting). We are fed up with Zurich insurance negligence. With the first claim, they failed to recognize the warning sign of the high level water damage. Zurich sent a Surveyer to come and check the damage and he blamed my husband for not ventilating the house. This was a shock in assessment. This has delayed the problem and made it worse. Which meant we had to move out from our flat for 5 months. Now, with our second claim, which is relatively small because we managed to find source of the problem very quickly. However Zurich insurance first asking use to find contracters which we did but they found them expensive. Th after month they offered us a contracter. Then they kept handed over our claim to others contracters - firstly to claims consortium group - then Ma Assist - then Nation Serv. It is just ridiculous. We are very much fed up with Zurich Insurance's poor service and lack of supervision about what happenes to their client. We are very dissatisfied with their very unprofessional service.

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