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rob's complaint against Zurich Insurance

rob caruso


[RESPONDED] Hopeless Situation

Complaint against Zurich Insurance

I had to have an emergency laminectomy on my c3 to c7 vertebra in july 17 and was left with paulsy of the left arm. I just received a formal ruling from the ombudsman stating that Zurich unnecessarily delayed processing my claim and they over investigated me. this process took approx 6 months which was just enough time to be put into foreclosure on the land for my family home, move my autistic daughters out of our rental and into a tiny granny flat completely disrupting their environment and putting my youngest in hospital for 4 weeks. she also has not been able to attend school for this year so far. With all the added pressure and stress to my family, after 27 years of marriage my wife and i separated. Ive now had to lodge another complaint with FOS to find out why i never get regular payments and everytime i get a payment the amount is different and makes no sense. So im financially ruined, separated from my wife and 2 autistic daughters, suffering chronic pain and i require further surgery. My dilemma now is that Zurich have proven to be unreliable and did everything possible to not take liability. How do I now take the risk of further surgery and the high possibility of loosing the use of my legs or even worse - die on the operating table knowing that im fully covered and my family will be looked after given the above? Im also not able to change insurer as no other insurer will take me on with my injuries.

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Keith Lewis | | VERIFIED

Sorry to read this. If you'd like to send some claims/policy info to us, we can look into it for you. Send to us at: [email protected] ^Keith

rob caruso | | VERIFIED

Way too late for that keith - the damage done to my life is irreversible. Have you ever felt so low that when you try to reach up, you just cant feel the bottom anymore. It's a really really dark place to exist. Just ask the last two Zurich CEO's

Elaine Atkinson | | VERIFIED

Slow? Never?! Delayed unnecessarily? Never!! I completely agree - I am in severe financial difficulties too, all because Zurich are still trying to get out of paying appropriate compensation. They are corrupt

Keith Lewis | | VERIFIED

@Elaine - similarly, if you wish to send any information to [email protected] I can look into it.

Elaine Atkinson | | VERIFIED

No point. I am now in discussions with others that have been ignored and are having financial and ongoing medical difficulties. As a group we are meeting with researchers from a television programme this month
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