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Morgan's complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Morgan Smith


Cancelled policy without warning

Complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

I received an email from them requesting documentation, which I then provided, followed by a short statement explaining why I may have difficulty proving some no claims. An underwriter then got back to me a few days later saying proof of no claims bonus won’t be necessary in this particular case and that they would contact me within 7 days if there were any discrepancies. They didn’t. The email itself was addressed to another name other than my own confusing matters even more. I didn’t hear anything back from them even though they had my contact address, phone number and email. I then got an email more than a week later including a cancellation schedule of my policy a matter of minutes before their offices closed that evening, including an invoice for an additional £225 they tried to take as unauthorised direct debit. Infuriating. I have now been without valid insurance for 2 days the case is still on going. Every time you call customer services you’re on a hold for at least 30 minutes before you speak to anyone. They don’t seem to be in any rush to get the matter sorted.

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