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jake's complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

jake acton



Complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Absolutly terrible experiance! Enough to give someone depression! GoSkippy are an insurance broker...unfortunatly the insurance company they use (Eldon insurance services) are absolutely awful! I had an accident and it took 6 months of arguing with 5 different parties to eventually get my car fixed. If I hadn't put in so much effort and argued, they would have happily returned it still broken (they actually ordered the garage to return it to me unfixed - it sat on my drive for a further month and a half after this....while I argued for it to be fixed comletely). There were several companies involved: GoSkippy (insurance broker) Eldon (insurance company) WNS (claims handling company) Somerset bridge insurance (underwriters) Patterson's (repair garage...this company was the only decent one who helped me through the process) Asside from the repair garage, none of these companies seemed to liaise with each other. They lied, were inconsistent with their own terms, made up rediculous statements due to non existent knowledge of cars and made every excuse to either shift the responsibility to another company or wriggle out using one of their some print clauses. In the end I had to get the financial ombusman involved and go and see lawyers and representatives to get advice on getting my car fixed and who was liable to fix it. Would NEVER EVER INSURE WITH THEM AGAIN

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