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Lee's complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Lee Davies


Goskippy have a math problem

Complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Goskippy canceled my policy dated 4/10/18. I don't have a problem with that, they emailed me with 2 letters first one was informing me of the cancellation and informing me that I would soon be advised of any outstanding amounts. Then the other one is a breakdown of what was still outstanding dated the same as the first. Now here's my concern, my original quote was 1405.49 quoted by Goskippy to be insured with Southern Rock (who incidentally are also Eldon insurance). Now there revised amount outstanding is as follows ... 1629.00 private car insurance. Finance fee 50.00. Brokers fee 268.49 total 1957.45 Then premiums paid ... Non-Direct Debit Payments Paid 145.55. Finance Instalments Paid 0.00 Other charges Cancellation Charge £0.00 Discounts Applied £0.00 Reclaimed Discounts £0.00 Reclaimed Commission £0.00 Final outcome 1227.45 . Having looked at all the payments I have made which total 1150 One last thing Goskippy is a trading name for Eldon insurance registered to the same address so they are not a broker in fact every thing about them says they are an insurance company nowhere can I find that says they are an insurance broker. Also Eldon insurance say their office is in Bristol when in fact their registered office is in Newcastle? ???? Confused dot com

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