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Shannon's complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Shannon Clarke


Horrendous Customer Service

Complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

I have had more than one bad experience with this terrible, rip-off company. The first problem was when I had just insured my car with them and had to send over my documents. They told me they hadn’t received these documents so I sent them again. They then said they hadn’t received the second lot of documents I sent and that my policy would be cancelled. I told them that it could’ve been due to sending them in the post over the Christmas period, but before I knew it they had cancelled my insurance. They phoned me and told me I had to go and get my documents and send pictures of them to their email. I told them that due to them cancelling my policy, I was now sat in a car park, in my car, unable to go anywhere. In true Go Skippy style they didn’t care. I had to find my way home, send over my documents and then get back to my car which was 20 minutes away in a car. They then tried charging me a £50 fee which I refused to pay. I then went into the back of a car and informed GoSkippy about this, but told them I didn’t want to make a claim. I then had insurance claims companies on my case. I tried cancelling my insurance as I was moving abroad for the summer, to then be stung with a £360 fee as I had a claim ‘outstanding’. My mum kindly said she would deal with it as I was moving abroad the next day! I recently had a letter from them saying that I owe them £76 for cancelling my policy. GoSkippy cancellation fee is £50. I told them I would happily pay the £50 before I went abroad and now they are adding extra money onto it. Every tweet and every review is bad. There are so many reports of appalling customer service and I don’t think they should be getting away with this, adding hidden charges and trying to rip off all of their customers.

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Oana Ramona Fagaras | | VERIFIED

Hi Thank you for sharing the experience. My dad is kind of dealing with the same situation, he bought a car, paid a 3 months insurance and afterwards he sold the car abroad and decided to cancel the insurance, and of course and outstanding amount of 70 appeared out of a sudden. Of course no one inform him upfront about the cancellation fee and when i asked what is the 20 more for they simply said "a broker fee". My question is: did you ended up paying your fee or you're still discussing?

Shannon Clarke | | VERIFIED

They are full of crap! They don't need the money for anything.. they just try to rip you off. I got a list of all the things that were being said about them online and on twitter (there wasn't ANY good reviews) and sent them over to GoSkippy in an email telling them how disgusting their 'service' is. They replied telling me that they have cleared my debt. No apology though. Just goes to show that they will at least try and rip you off. Good Luck to your dad!

Oana Ramona Fagaras | | VERIFIED

I ac

Oana Ramona Fagaras | | VERIFIED

I actually advised him to tell them to get lost and dont pay anything, but he's worried that he will have issues if he tries to buy other cars or even drive them. Do you think this can happen...if he gets pulled over by the police can he get in trouble for refusing to pay this obvious rip off? Thanks

Shannon Clarke | | VERIFIED

Well my insurance went up because they wouldn't give me my no claims. But I'm not sure it would affect him if he told them to get lost. It's a hard situation. They should be demolished as a company in my opinion.
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