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Stacey's complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

Stacey Marie


Stay Well Clear

Complaint against GoSkippy Insurance

😡😡😡DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY........ My mother in law took out a policy with myself as the named driver. There was a accident where i was not at fault but because the other lady would not accept liability they wanted me to claim on mine. I was not prepared to make the premium go up as the car was pretty much worthless so a new car was purchased. All documentation of the accident they asked for was provided by myself via email. For them to keep saying they had not received nothing even tho at one point a college of your company replied to say thank you and would pass on to the relevant team.... I still have all this proof plus recorded calls. Yet then to be told policy is being cancelled due to no communication (LOAD OF BULLSHIT). So over the past 3 wks i have been on the phone constantly trying to sort out what you have messed up to now be receiving letters to say £800 is owed for cancellation of the policy. WHEN YOUR THE ONES THAT CANCELLED IT..... GO SKIPPY..... People stay well clear and run 🏃‍♀️ for the hills. Avoid this company at all costs 😡😡😡😡😡

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Neil Matthews | | VERIFIED

Go Skippy use Somerset bridge for claims claims and for this reason I would not every use GoSkippy and would reccomend no one else does. Their policy holder drove in to me accepted liability I had 2 witnesses but instead of dealing with me they made me pay for a solicitor to act on my behalf & include the costs in my claim. I believe they are increasing claim costs to increase premiums .not TCF !
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