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Mrs Janet's complaint against Capital One

Mrs Janet Nason


Credit Card Fraud refund

Complaint against Capital One

Capital One called me this December to say that my credit limit had been reached. I could not believe this as I had only spent 2-3 transactions on it which had not come to anywhere near the limit. They read me that transactions which were all (except for those ones I knew about) from Microsoft and I had not made any transactions through Microsoft which amounted to over £500 and even they said it looked like fraud. They said that they would stop my card straight away but refused to refund me. After they put a stop to my card another Microsoft transaction was taken and then Capital One charged me an admin fee of £12 for going over my limit. They have also refused to refund me the last transaction even though they guaranteed that no further payments would be taken. What can I do as they said that I have to go to Microsoft to investigate and throughout Christmas I was in a terrible financial situation with still no refund.

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