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Nicola's complaint against Home Energy Services

Nicola Walker


Disconnect my gas 2 days before Xmas , no bathing facilities, heating , hot water. Never rang back

Complaint against Home Energy Services

Inspection of boiler on 22nd Dec 2016 who capped it off leaving us with no hot water, heating and having a combination shower, stumped for bathing too. Flu from boiler sat at wrong angle so instead of repairing they cut us off and said as an installation problem then it was not covered. However the year before in Sept 2015 it passed inspection. So either you have left us unsafe for 16 months with carbon monoxide or you have dodgy engineers. It is a seal that is damaged in the flu which is part of the cover but obviously this company take your money and fob you off. I shall be contacting watch dog in this matter as they have contradicted themselves. Hence we have had a freezing g christmas, the kettle has worked overtime and flannel and bowl washes daily, what kind of company can cut you off and leave it?

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