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Andrew's complaint against Mercury Holidays

Andrew Cooke


Poor quality holiday

Complaint against Mercury Holidays

To whom it may concern, We have just returned from what should have been a dream holiday to Peru. But unfortunately it turned out to be anything but. Firstly we were delayed by over 14 hours & missed a whole day of our itinerary in Lima Peru’s capital city. Then the whole nightmare started to unravel. My partner who has severe eating allergies was not looked after well at the Holiday Inn you sent us to by Heathrow Airport, we had to wait until 9:30pm for them to bring her some cold half a plate of rice. We have continuously informed you of have allergies & we were reassured that she would be looked after. Also the questionable buffet which was provided for the rest was ridiculous. Some cold pasta & soggy salad is not a great dinner provided. Then the holiday well after missing the first day of our itinerary we were never greeted by any of your staff & when we landed we spent ages looking for our transport and guides. It was only after other reps from other companies got involved that we found where we should have been. Then the lodge, here was a place where we only had electricity for an hour a day, we had to have candles for light, the rooms were open so there was no privacy between room to room. This was nothing like we were lead to believe, no pool either! Which was a big disappointment as we had bought new swimming stuff in anticipation.We were meant to have gone to Corto Maltes Lodge. Then stuff kept getting missed of the itinerary we never went to spend time with a local Machiguenga family taking in their culture and daily routine, we never went to the rubber factory, the Brazilian nut harvesting camp, tropical fruit tasting, plus many more. Stuff missed off: - Day 1: missed all due to flight being delayed. Day 3: didn’t travel to Corto Maltes Lodge, didn’t trek to a Brazilian nut harvesting camp & learn more about this important Peruvian stable crop, had no pool to relax by. Day 4: didn’t do 3km hike through the wildlife haven of Tambopata National Reserve which takes you to Lake Sandoval where a row boat ride allows you to appreciate the biodiversity capital of Peru. Day 5: we never went to a native farm for a tropical fruit tasting before visiting a native Machiguenga family, so we never learnt about the intriguing customs & language of this group, such as their ayahuasca ceremonies, hunting gear & medicinal plants or had a unique indigenous dish. Day 6: we never got to go to the market before our flight to Cusco, or go to the Inca rock fortress of Sacsayhuamán & the underground cave& temple of Kenko or take in the panoramic views over Puca Pucara. We didn’t wonder through the baths of the Inca or stop at Inka’s expression workshop seeing locals create pieces of silver paintings or wood carvings. Day 9: We were told that the 535 step climb that we never did had not been available for over 6 years, so why is it on the itinerary? Day 12: we didn't get to the stunning Huacachina lagoon until dark so we had 30 minutes to look around in the dark when most things had shut. Day 13: the morning excursion to Ballestas islands we were told should have been 5-6 hours & took us less than 2 hours. A thoroughly disappointing & poor value for money holiday, spoilt by inept organisation & communication from Mercury throughout, who falsely advertised this holiday & led to 24 of us being Sure of one thing that we will never use your services again! I feel we have been falsely led into purchasing this holiday by false information being put on the itinerary. 6 years tourists haven’t been able to do the 535 steps, so why is it still on Mercury’s itinerary. We appreciate that itineraries are subject to change but all these changes & no one to explain why or apologise is ridiculous. I will not be recommending Mercury to anybody. I feel we should be fully refunded for the whole joke of a holiday. I await your response & if I am not satisfied with your response I will be taking the matter further. A rather annoyed and truly dissatisfied customer!!

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