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Gary's complaint against First Direct

Gary Wang


First Direct Leeds. WORSE Account Opening Department EVER!

Complaint against First Direct

First Direct Leeds. WORSE Account Opening Department EVER! Opening an account with First Direct appeared reasonable, NOT! Here is what happened with their 'Account Opening team' Made to Feel like a Criminal! Belittled! At approx 13:19 PM I had a Call from A_ _ _ First Direct Leeds Account Opening Team who made me feel that being pensioned was bad, Derogatory in some way. This A_ _ _ even Curtly said “We Don't give just ANYONE an account” as if I was a No one. Their Online application facility does not allow one to describe the details of one’s pension Only that one is on a ‘pension’. Feeling Surprised at the way I was treated what felt like belittlement I asked to speak to her manager and spoke to eventually a C S_ _ _ _ Supervisor for Accounts Opening Leeds First direct. I expressed my deep concerns on how I was made to feel that I had never been made to feel before. I was only requesting a Visa Debit, No Credit facility and a Basic account and yet I was made to feel like a third class citizen. I did Not feel it their business to ask what I did Abroad Years ago! I felt grieved that the words used was so readily dismissed by this Supervisor I asked to be put through to complaints and spoke to a J_ at Accounts Opening First Direct approx 14:32 PM Who Refused point blank to give me her full name. She again dismissed my concerns and said she would look into it and call me back but Registered my Complaint. I called this J_ at Leeds Accounts Opening back after Our conversation with You the Financial Ombudsman 15:10 PM I called her Directly back after Our Conversation at approx 15:15 PM hoping for a change in Tone, a more professional dialogue and it went from worse to worse. She further Exasperated this terrible treatment making it worse. She said “Everything you said would be what a Criminal would say!” Then when we discussed my Pension I said it was Not from a Criminal element it was legally from the UK. Also that I would be glad to tell them that you said that. She said when I completed the online form I put ‘Pension’ I said it is NOT my fault that Your Online facility does not allow us to do anything But scroll down to ‘Pension’ and why was that? Why don’t you allow me to attach even my Scanned Pension Document or give me space to show this? They could of Requested such information without treating me like a Criminal and second class citizens. I said I was disgusted in the way she made me feel and to say to me Everything you said would be what a Criminal would say. Then out of the Blue she said “Do you have any Contacts with the USA?!” I said in shock "No!" why would you throw such a question? Curve ball at me out of the blue like that? This is about my Complaint and this J_ asked me yet more Impertinent questions! I was made to feel like a Criminal, intimidated for Daring to complain, Made to feel as if I was a Criminal element by her deliberate dialogue and for what? Daring to complain? This is utterly disgusting I have never been made to feel so abused, so Defamed, So Belittled by any bank before and certainly Not treated as a Customer in any way possible. It is Not my fault they do not have the facility to enable me to send legitimate legal Pension Documents, and have such a poor Online application facility which makes them treat me with contempt and Suspicion as a Criminal.

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