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pat's complaint against Staysure

pat joyce


[LAPSED] Clause in policy

Complaint against Staysure

whom it may concern.this is what happened to us we are out of pocket £2,500 STAY SURE offered us £500 people should be aware of these clauses On 29.04.2015. we booked a package holiday with Jetline Cruise ( ref. 739138/1 ) described as a cruise to the canaries including flights from London airports. As we wished to fly from Gatwick airport we were required to leave for Barcelona on 13.02.2016 with one night hotel stay included, before boarding the Norwegian Epic the following day. On arrival at the H10 Marina Hotel in Barcelona on the evening of 13th February we entered the foyer and stood with our luggage and waited as the two receptionists dealt with other guests. Both members of staff became available at the same time and as we were the only people waiting, both dealt with us together. I stood with my suitcase next to me with backpack on top, my wife next to me with her suitcase, her bag on top. I signed the appropriate forms, my wife produced the passports asked for by the staff and we were then asked to pay local hotel taxes. At no time while we checked in were there any other guests waiting behind us. Two members of staff had been looking at us alone throughout our check in, yet when my wife reached for her purse, the bag containing our money, passports, medication, phone, camera, tablet and various other items was GONE. I must stress the fact that both staff were looking directly at us alone, yet failed to alert us that somebody ,unknown to us , had literally crept up behind us, IN FULL VIEW OF THEM, and taken my wife's bag and simply walked away. On the realisation of our loss, neither of the staff reacted in any way, simply standing there as if it was none of their concern. When two female guests became aware of what had transpired, they ran outside to look for the thief, only then did the male staff member go outside to look. We then asked to view the cc tv only to be told staff had no access and were required to contact an engineer. In fact the only action by the staff was to contact the local police. We were then told that we were required to go to the station ourselves as the police would not come to the hotel, we informed the staff that we had just been robbed of our money, how could we get to the station, they simply shrugged and said they could do nothing for us. We were then informed that the cc tv was now strangely out of order ! The two female guests who had apparently searched around the hotel in the hope the bag had been rifled and discarded returned, sadly with no good news. The female receptionist then made an incredibly absurd offer of complimentary dining, room service and use of hotel services, a highly inappropriate suggestion which was simply dismissed. The two fellow guests thankfully gave us some money to get a taxi to the police station where we reported the robbery via a language interpreter. During the course of the police interview, on listening to our statement, the interpreter commented how suspicious the actions of the hotel staff were and how convenient it was that the cc tv was out of order. We were at the police station until 1am then returned by taxi to the hotel,only to realise our suitcase keys were also stolen. We rang the hotel desk for assistance in opening our cases and were told staff would assist us in 5 minutes - we waited an hour and nobody came to help us ! We both have health problems, my wife has under active thyroid, I am diabetic, we had no access to any medication in our cases, yet the hotel staff could not care. The following morning, we asked at the hotel desk why our request for assistance had been ignored, we were given no explanation. We asked, on police advice, for a complaint form bearing the hotel stamp, only to be told they had no such thing. We were given a hotel rating card which was most certainly inadequate, only after further insistence by us was a complaint form produced, even then the reception staff denied all knowledge of an available hotel stamp. We then got a taxi to the harbour to explain our situation to the cruise company but even though we had a police report of the robbery, we were informed that ,sadly, as we had no passports, we were unable to board the ship. Together with help from two sympathetic harbour police, we implored the cruise staff to allow us to travel, unfortunately to no avail. The cruise rep did however persuade us to obtain emergency passports when the British consul opened the following morning, book flights to Tangiers and join the ship on Tuesday. We then had no choice but to return to the hotel. Back at the hotel we were forced to book another night ,explaining our intentions and informing them if we were lucky enough to get suitable flights, it would be necessary for us to book a further night on Monday. Amazingly we were to be charged a further € 135 per night ! In order to while away some time, we then spent 30 minutes in the hotel spa, before using the guest computer to search for flights from Barcelona to Tangiers on Tuesday 16th in order to join the ship. We found one available flight at a cost of £ 500 each which we regarded as highly dubious as we would be required to change at Madrid airport with a transfer time of 50 minutes. If there was any delay on the first leg of the journey, we would then find ourselves stranded in Madrid. We were discussing our choices, walking past the hotel desk, when we were stopped by the receptionist and asked to sign a disclaimer form. The document she asked us to sign stated although the hotel did not admit liability, we were satisfied with the complimentary services provided. On asking for details, she quoted room upgrade, restaurant meals , room service and spa facilities, further adding if we didn't sign the disclaimer, we would pay for them all in full. We informed her that we had no idea we had an upgrade, we had not had restaurant meals or room service. In fact she expected us to sign that , after all we had endured , we were satisfied with compensation of 30 minutes in the hotel spa. Obviously we declined. We returned to the guest computer to search for alternative flights in order to join the cruise ship in Tangiers. We were sitting, discussing what had just happened, my wife decided to go back to the desk and get the disclaimer form as proof for future action against the hotel. When she asked for it, presumably the clerk thought we intended to sign, she gave it to my wife who turned and walked away with it. Both clerks shouted after her, demanding her to return to the desk, the female clerk chased after her and snatched it out of her hand. Pity she didn't show the same enthusiasm the previous evening when the thief stole my wife's bag right in front of her eyes ! By this time we had endured enough. Both now unwilling to take the enormous possibility of further disappointment if there were any delays in Madrid, presuming we were able to purchase flight tickets to Tangiers, as nobody could guarantee we would get our required connection. We then decided to go home. The following morning we checked out of the hotel, went to the British consul, got our required emergency passports, got a taxi to the airport, managed to buy flight tickets on the first available flight, then returned home. We would like to make aware Jetline cruise that they are booking guests into a hotel who employ dubious, at best incompetent staff. We hope the Barcelona authorities that they also are aware of the hotels' blatant disregard for procedure. On police advice, we tried our best to get a stamped complaint form to send to the Town Hall. The hotel staff initially denied any knowledge of such document, then after our insistence, producing one but claiming they were unable to stamp it as they had no stamp. What kind of hotel has no stamp ? We would like H10 hotels to be aware that the actions, perhaps lack of action of their staff, resulted in two pensioners, both with health problems, endured two days of hell as guests of their hotel. It is highly likely the staff employed at their hotel were complicit, at best incompetent in not preventing the theft of my wife's bag. Their action resulted in us losing our much looked forward to holiday cruise. The hotel will most definitely deny liability in damage or loss of guests' possessions, however, they do have a DUTY OF CARE to their guests. NO cc tv. NO security staff, apparently they only work part-time daytime duties. NO signage warning of thieves and pick-pockets. Disgraceful customer care, including blatant disregard for local complaint procedures. You may have a 4* building, most certainly not 4* employees. The only assistance we experienced was from other hotel guests. We intend to pursue this matter for as long and as far required in order to get some sort of compensation from your hotel chain.

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Dear Mr Joyce Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Staysure takes all feedback about it's products and services very seriously and in order to investigate your complaint please email [email protected] Kind regards Ross
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