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kieran's complaint against Staysure

kieran brennan


[RESPONDED] Don't Pay out on Holiday cancellation due to Death of Parent

Complaint against Staysure

Staysure are fine to deal with when you are buying the policy, and as long as you don't need to claim, things are great! However, if you do need to claim as I did following the unexpected death of my father 3 days before my planned holiday, then that's where the customer service ends. After providing all manner of documentation - death certificate, GP's letter, completed questionnaire, holiday booking forms, cancellation confirmations, and a subsequent medical form to send to my father's GP, I had my claim 'declined'. Apparently, as my father was elderly and on medication for some long-standing but controlled conditions he was automatically not covered - even though there is no way to provide this information when buying the policy. What a get-out-of-jail clause that is! In my experience Staysure's underwriters, ERV, are an unprofessional, dismissive and rude bunch of sharks, who refused to explain their decision to me, and I even had the phone put down on me. Whilst Staysure and ERV are different companies (as far as i know), I feel strongly that Staysure should have an onus of responsibility towards their customers in cases such as mine, rather than passing the buck and asking me to take up the matter with ERV through their complaints procedure. Given their response to date, I am not at all optimistic that their response will be in the least bit helpful or demonstrate the slightest bit of humanity. Staysure have my money - not ERV - and it is in Staysure's interest not to have their reputation affected by the off-handed and rude behavior of their underwriter.

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Sophie Griffiths | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Brennan Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I have passed your review onto ERV and have asked them to respond to your complaint as soon as possible. Kind regards Ross Customer Service Team Leader

kieran brennan | | VERIFIED

For the record ERV did respond basically to tell me to go away. After an 8 month fight with ERV and the involvement of the Ombudsman, they were forced to pay up and to add £250 for their despicable behaviour in the way they handled my claim. Don't let ERV away with it - log your compliant with the Financial Ombudsman.

Antony Powell | | VERIFIED

staysure continue to rip off their customers and are now taking money fro insurance policies they haven't even provided.. NOTHING BUT CO MEN !!!!

kieran brennan | | VERIFIED

I’m not surprised that they haven’t changed their ways. In my experience they were the most unhelpful, unprofessional bunch of crooks I have had the misfortune to do business with. Once they’ve got your money that’s where the service ends regardless of the circumstances. They should be investigated for fraudulent practices in my opinion.

Jan Lovell | | VERIFIED

shocking response to my claim for holiday insurance. I was put in touch with [email protected], directed down the wrong route and now have been told my claim is invalid. I've sent paper evidence as well as online. There is no compassion in Stay sure. We are too old to go abroad again. Twenty percent off next policy is a waste of time.

kieran brennan | | VERIFIED

Take it up with the financial ombudsman. It’s the only way to get this band of thieves to pay for any claim
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