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V's complaint against Staysure

V Stone


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Complaint against Staysure

My dad died whilst abroad, he was insured with stay sure. staysure hung us out to dry. They were no help at all. My dads body was left in the hotel room for over 24 hours. I had to do all the repatriation work with the help of the English embassy in Tenerife. The Embassy were amazing. I don’t know what I’d have done without them. I had to pay for the repatriation and all additional costs there and then myself, this was thousands. Staysure would not reimburse these costs until probate had been completed and they had received a sealed certificate, even though it was clear what had happened and it was my money that I was claiming back. This took 9 months to claim back!!! They were rude, there was no consideration, no bereavement line. This was just batched in with any normal claim, just as if I’d lost my purse. I had to deal with an out sourced company. Absolutely dire - I’ve no words to describe the distress this company caused in an already awful situation.

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Antony Powell | | VERIFIED

Sorry to hear about you r dad....... staysure continu to rip off their customers and are now taking money fro insurance policies they haven't even provided.. NOTHING BUT CO MEN !!!!
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