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Noreen's complaint against Halifax

Noreen Murwhel


Halifax are treating me like a common criminal due to an incompetent Fraud team

Complaint against Halifax

In March I started up a new business which included purchasing a new property. That is when the problems started. I started to find that I could not make any purchases online, I called and made a complaint as it was causing me massive issues. On speaking to Customer Services I was put through to the so called Fraud team as I had received a suspicious text and did not answer. I was informed by the Fraud team that there was nothing that they could do as the issue lay with Visa Debit not the Halifax. I did not push it any further as I was too busy. The next month I then found that my current card was being refused which was highly embarrassing and gave the impression to others who I was doing business with that I was a high risk and had no cash flow which was incorrect. Again I called the Halifax and this time I was time I had made too many payments with my card and they had stopped it. However no one had contacted me to advise that there is an issue, I am not a mind reader. So I complained via an online form as this was now getting ridiculous. The response from the Halifax was to send me a standard letter from them telling me we do not uphold your complaint, we will not offer you a solution or an apology but please remember we at the Halifax are wonderful. Then it got progressively worse, I was no longer able to make BACS payments so could not pay monthly bills etc. Again I complained and again the Halifax did not nothing except send me the same letter with the same wording - exactly. I now have four of these letters which do nothing to appease the situation. So prior to going on holiday I called the Customer Services team and again I explained the whole situation to them. They then put me through to the Fraud team (again) and the response from the uncaring representative was to interrogate me and when I got fed up of being grilled on my spending habits,for example why had I spent £6 in Sainsburys or why can't you remember this or are you sure this is your final answer. I flipped and asked how much longer would this take as it had now been over 60 minutes, she snapped it will take me however long that I deem it necessary, I won't be rushed when I am trying to do my job. Now it transpired and confirmed by the customer services team that the Fraud team embargoed my account back in March but never advised me. A decision made in 10 minutes but I was not been put through hell. Also I was told that my account was been given special attention but they could not tell me why. Also I was told that the Fraud team had tried to call me LIARS - they never bothered. Due to me setting up my own business I had my personal phone with me constantly and I had no call from the Halifax. So a week ago I found that I was no longer able to transfer money between accounts, I thought it was an internet blip and as I was on holiday I would try again when I got back home. Yesterday I tried to move money between my accounts for the weekend only to find that I had the same issue. Called Customer Services again and they said they would put me through to Complaints. However it transpired that the person dealing with this complaint and who I need to point out sent me another bog standard template letter whilst I was away was out of the office. So bottom line tough there is nothing we can do now so you will have to wait. So this weekend I have NO access to my main account and the Halifax don't give a stuff. I don't have anyone who I can turn to in order to ask for help, so I have been left high and dry by an uncaring and incompetent bank who don't care about customers who have been with them for 30 yrs. The Halifax know that they have me backed into a corner and they are making my life absolute hell. So if you are thinking about the caring Halifax as your next bank don't, they HATE their customers, they seem them as a nuisance and their customer services team are useless as they care more about the bank rather than the customers which is totally wrong

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