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Thomas's complaint against Halifax

Thomas Lappin


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Complaint against Halifax

I have been traveling in Thailand and logged on to my internet bank 17/08/2018 to transfer more money for my trip when I noticed a few transactions that I was not sure about one in particular for around £460 to a travel company which I did not use, when I spoke to an agent and explained the issue I got transferred to fraud to raise a case which I did and answered all of there questions. Does anyone else have access to your account or card? No I answered but I did stated who was not to say that I left my phone and or wallet on a disk, counter or elsewhere for a period of time I am only human. Would anyone you know use my card? No What type of smartphone I had? Samsung Where was I when this transaction took please? RAS Al khaimah UAE And a few more I answered the questions openly and honestly to the best of my knowledge to be then told that my case would go no further as the agent believed that there was no fraud here but I did not make the transaction. I asked to be transferred to a manager and was transferred to a complaint manager I think his name was Rob? While the other agent was on the call as well he went over the same facts but again I told him I did not make the transaction on the that date, the other agent agin spoke and said that it was the same IP address that was used to access my online banking and that she got the information from my phone being on the O2 network even after I stated I was in the UAE and that I use my UAE mobile provider Etisalat as I live there. I asked her what the IP address was and she stated it was Dubai and again I told her that I live 150 km north of Dubai and was not in Dubai on that date. I asked her how she got the name of the device used to access the site to make the transaction and again she stated the up address when infact an IP address will only tell you the type of device is mobile, laptop, tablet etc not the make and model to get that info I stated you need either a mac code or an IMEI in this case as it was a mobile. Again she stated it was on o2 when my Samsung as never been on O2 I use a different handset when I am home in the UK so the agent as either given the wrong information to the complaint manager or falsified my statement. After going back and forth and asking for the IP address so I could prove it was not my own they said the can not give that information out as they don't hold the info (if that is the case how can you state you got the info from the IP address) So while I was talking with the complaint manager he asked the other agent to get the reference number as he was closing the case while I was still talking, I then asked to speak to his manager and he refused stating he was the highest point of contact my next option was to contact the banking regulator to make the complaint against the bank which I have done.

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