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Raj's complaint against PayPoint

Raj Sapra


pay point has rules that can be broken by them self but not by retailer.

Complaint against PayPoint

on 1/ 2/ 2019 I had a driver walked into my store. where he had two parcel delivered to me. when I asked him to take the return parcel he took the small parcel and left the bigger one. when I asked him why is that he said I can only take one because the other one is not on my list. so then the driver has sign the pda him self without my knowledge.when question he said it's fine. I m totally not happy with the service and think your rule only applies to retailer not to your self anyway got in touch with the collect plus then told them what happen and told them the parcel I left it out side to be collected as the driver refused it because they wernt ready to solve the problem. well i m so pissed off with the whole cercumstance that i was pulling my hair out. the lady was saying I was breaching my contract and would suspend my account and I replied for 35p per parcel is not a big lost to me. so they try to scare me with the big bill I would owing if I don't listen to them. well then the collect plus has called my neighbour to see if their is a parcel out side. I think your customer service has just insulted me by letting my privacy to next door neighbour. I think you guys need to take this more serious because the amount of money you taking of retailer. we as a retailer pay overpriced for the service we receive. with this complaint I won't be taking any parcel any more as this need to be sorted b4 any parcel brought would be refused thank you for your time.

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