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dianne hutchens on behalf of my's complaint against Saga

dianne hutchens on behalf of my parents


[RESOLVED] - very poor service, 6 month to date and still no resolution in sight.

Complaint against Saga

My parents had a 10ft deep, 10x16ft sink hole appear in next door garden, right next to house. Two brick built sheds were swallowed, the stairs from my parents patio taken, and my parents had to move out for 7 weeks while hole filled. Hole been filled for about 3 months, but my parents a still waiting for the repairs to their property. They are both so stressed and distressed by all this. It is worrying them boh constantly. Saga, who supposedly specialise in serving the older clients are being heartless in their treatment of them. We are helpless to resolve this. I just watch, listen and am powerless to help my parents. I am so angry at Sagas methods.

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Saga resolved this complaint

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dianne hutchens on behalf of my parents | | VERIFIED

Well the work finally started Monday. I wrote to Saga, who phoned and said they were looking into it. My complaint went to the chief execs. office, and I think they did put some pressure on to get the work done. I am hopeful this may soon all be over!

dianne hutchens on behalf of my parents | | VERIFIED

Once Saga cheif exec.s office were involved the job was finished quickly and well.
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