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Empty Promises & General Lack of Communication

Complaint against Domestic \u0026 General

We had a nightmare two weeks when my elderly mother-in-law's fridge-freezer broke down being pushed from pillar to post, one company to the next (4 in total). The long and short of it is: having finally had the replacement fridge-freezer delivered the delivery men dumped it in the middle of the kitchen before doing a disappearing act. No installation, no nothing. They tricked her into thinking they would do something about the removal of the old fridge-freezer only to follow her up the stairs, have her sign the delivery form and then run out of the front door and drive off (leaving the front door wide open!) Having gone through the insurance, she was under the impression that the old fridge-freezer was being removed and disposed of and the new one installed in its place – just what was she expected to do? She was extremely distressed by it all. I immediately contacted D&G. I chased this each day and fast tired of the charade – we were promised a call back, nothing ever materialised. Only when you contact D&G you find yourself on hold for prolonged periods, one department to the next... 'Someone will call you back'... We often kept the phone with us all day on this pretence. I simply could not afford to waste any more time spent on hold only to get through to someone who transfers you, never for the line to be picked up. It would appear that to get an immediate response it is best to contact them via their Facebook page and even then they merely promise to pass your query onto the relevant department. It was acknowledged that the issue lay where D&G did not advise of the removal or delivery information. Supposedly, this was being dealt with internally yet they failed to make contact with us without so much as an apology or attempt at resolving the matter. Only two weeks later did we receive a letter stating they would reimburse the delivery charge, but nothing more offered. Luckily me and my partner managed to move the old fridge freezer out and put the new one in place and had to dispose of the old appliance ourselves with no proposed resolution from D&G on that front. What’s more, for the purposes of the new warranty/guarantee, in their haste, she received no paperwork or delivery receipt from the delivery men. Having been unable to get any sense out of D&G I contacted AO, who were most helpful and who have since requested one from D&G. D&G advised that a copy would be sent by post. Again, nothing ever materialised. We are now well over a month down the line - I chased again this week, was promised a call back and heard nothing (surprise, surprise). Overall the service has been shocking from start to finish, with empty promises and general lack of communication. They really are useless and we will be advising friends and family to avoid at all cost, it’s simply not worth the hassle and the stress caused as a result of all this has been unbelievable. Credit where it’s due, all other companies involved acknowledged our comments/queries/complaints throughout but I’m afraid D&G really let the side down.

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