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Michelle's complaint against Domestic & General

Michelle vonAhn


Getting machines written off is really, really difficult, wasting my time and theirs

Complaint against Domestic \u0026 General

Having Hotpoint group machines that are 10+ years old, having duly paid my insurance on them to D&G for my "Kitchen Plan", they are now breaking down. Because of their age, the engineers never have parts for them, requiring me to take a day off work for the engineer to do a diagnosis, and another for them to undertake the repair. To have a machine "written off", it must be uneconomic to repair, or the parts are unavailable, or the repair takes more than 28 days to do. D&G say that this is up to the engineer. The engineer is not interested in saying it is uneconomic to repair, because they get paid for every repair they do. They say it is up to D&G to decide whether it can be repaired, or not. D&G staff say that as long as a repair can be done, it will be done, no matter how many times the machine has to be repaired. There appear to be no linked records showing D&G the number of repairs having been done. Nor does the engineer appear to have any records of all the repairs that have been done, so as long as there are parts physically available to effect the repair, they don't care how much time you have to spend having your appliance repaired. The "complaints" team understands my concerns about having to spend so much time getting the machines repaired, but as long as they can be physically repaired (no matter how often), they are going to do the repairs. I have paid for my appliances several times over with insurance over the last 25+ years. The service provided has degraded enormously over that time, from when you could book an appointment for morning or afternoon, in advance to now, when you have to use two days of annual leave to have the appliances repaired. EVERY TIME... Seriously, bank your premium, and use it to buy new appliances as and when you need them. It will be much less hassle. Next time, I will buy Miele...

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