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Jo's complaint against Domestic & General

Jo McPherson


No Customer Service and no Tumble Dryer!

Complaint against Domestic \u0026 General

22nd April, Tumble dryer broke so rang the number on the machine, I had registered for the two year warranty. Was told they would send someone out but it it was a simple fault, e.g. an underwire stuck, I would be charged £130 or I could pay £60 for 24 months cover and no risk of charges. I took this option. Engineer came on 28th April, pressed a reset button on the back, it turned on (it did turn on with the fault, but it did not stay on or stay hot) and left without really testing it. The next night I went to use the dryer to find the fault was the same - rang again, they send him back on the 2nd May, he said it might be the timer he will order a part. Comes back third time on 11th May and says he thinks he has the wrong part, he will check, then he leaves. I hear nothing more. I ring Domestic and General, they said they have 28 days to fix from the 2nd visit as the first one does not count as it was not faulty then??? They finally agree there was a fault, or I would not have rang in. They promise a call back, nothing. I ring today, they say the engineer is waiting to be told what part he needs, then he will order it. I ask about the 28 day window for repairs to be told it is 30 days, and from the second visit. I explained again, and was then told 30 days is a guide, if it goes past this it will go to a team who will decide if i get a replacement or how long I have to wait for it to be fixed. I was not told any of this at point of purchase. I asked for a manager and was refused. I asked for the name of the CEO they did not know. I was on hold for over 10 minutes. I gave up and hung up on the girl I was speaking to. I've emailed the CEO, but expect no reply! In the meantime I'm off to Argos to buy a rotary dryer for the garden - shame I live in the wet north east. Pray for sunshine people, looks like I'm going to need it because my dryer is not likely to be fixed any time soon.

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