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Peter's complaint against Domestic & General

Peter Jennings


Unable to contact by 'phone.

Complaint against Domestic \u0026 General

All of our white goods and other electrical items such as television etc. are insured by Domestic and General to keep insurances under one roof. Our oven developed a minor fault so i tried to contact D&G to arrange a repair but after waiting up to 50 minutes for an answer i gave up, and tried again with the same result and again and again and again, i eventually gave up completely and started again the following day with the same results,on the third day i finally got an answer only to be given another 'phone number to contact for the repair. This 'phone was answered by an elderly sounding person who gave no company name but did pass me on to someone else who said after taking the details of the fault that some one would call the next day, which they did (in an unmarked van and not giving any names or pack drill) they left after a couple of minutes saying they didn't have the part needed, despite my telling them exactly what was required on the 'phone the previous day, and saying they would order the part and be back, and so the wait began, after 5 weeks i tried to contact D&G with the same results as the first time. Due to all the problems involved in obtaining a simple repair i was offered and accepted a new oven which was delivered a week later, a grand total of 7 weeks!!!!! The feedback on Domestic and General's web site is that the problems i had are par for the course and since then family members have said they have had the same contact problem, i am now worried about the possible need for an URGENT repair being needed in a hurry and wonder how D&G say they provide peace of mind!!!

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Peter Jennings | | VERIFIED

Nothing has been said about the length of time spent trying to contact D&G so as to be able to initiate the repair i required and what i pay the insurance for.
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