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Molly's complaint against Bright Sky Loans



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Complaint against Bright Sky Loans

I am absolutely fuming! Sent me a letter in the post saying I had been accepted for a loan. Told me to ring up this number to complete it for pay out. Said it would cost £54 for the phone call but I would get refunded. Kept me on the phone for 15 minutes asking me loads of questions once I'd answered them the phone cut off. It gives you a free customer service number to ring for your refund. Rang the customer service number and it said "this is not bright sky loans we don't like them I don't know why they keep putting our number on their website" and then the phone cut off!!! I want my money back off the dirty theiving bastards!! Not everyone has money like that to throw away!! And if I find out who they are I will personally drag the little sneaks to jail myself! Do something better be done about it

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