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Sam Creary


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Complaint against Bank Smart

I contacted bank smart in2015 I the hope of getting back come ppo money. I signed lots of consent forms, asked for certified copy of deed poll and ID over several months. I received more than 200letters from this company over the last 3.5 years. All the letters say the same asking for my signature again and Again. I only received 1 letter from a company who asked me direct for further information which I provided direct to the bank and there was no ppi. Two other companies as bank smart did nothing with all my consent forms I contacted them myself, they said they had not heard anything from a claims company, they sent me the forms which I filled out myself and sent back and I was paid direct with no help from bank smart. After tons more letters I complained and I have done this more than once. This company has no phone number. I have emailed and received a response basically saying they can help me complete the forms. I am fairly intelligent and do not need help filling out forms, they just do not listen. They have sent me bills for £400 + vat for over 10 claims which they have not done anything for me. In fact they have not gained 1 penny for me. They passed my information to a debt company who hounded me with debt letters and calls and said they were going to send bailiffs to my house. I complained to the manager if he debt company but all the manage said was sorry my agent spoke to you that way, do you have a credit card to clear the debt, so basically didn’t help at all. Then I have heard nothing for well over 8 months hen out of he blue a letter saying they are taking me to the small claims court for £4500 where I will get a CCJ . I have complete the form and sent back saying I do not owe the debt, but what do I do?

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Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

You may not get a CCJ. If your account is in dispute, they cant do anything just yet. The court will write to you, no one else, there is no guarantee that the case will go in their favour. I doubt very much it will go to court as they will have to reveal their business practices. Don't sign anything further, Don't open the door to anyone, and tell the debt agency this is in dispute,
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