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John's complaint against Bank Smart

John McFadyen


Bank Smart is a joke

Complaint against Bank Smart

10 yrs ago we received letters from Bank Smart offering a NO WIN NO FEE with PPI unfortunately we agreed to them to look into this for us, however we heard nothing from them for about 9 months, in between we heard from another company who did pursue PPI on our behalf they also contacted Bank Smart as we did to cancel.The next thing we knew we started to get letters from them asking for money as we broke the agreement, we did however managed to get a telephone number from through the web. We phoned them & got told that if we did not pay they were going to take us to court. We then heard nothing for months again, then we got letters pursuing us for even more money which we refused to pay, then we got letters from debt companies to which we phoned them & told them that we were not paying they then went back to Bank Smart & told them that we were not going to pay, we then got someone at the door looking for monies from another debt company to which they were told the same thing, however things went very quiet for about a year then all of a sudden it all started back up again, this is been going on & off for 10 years now, in November we received a letter a lawyer on Bank Smart behalf we phoned the company & explained our situation to them & once again stated that we were not going to pay anything to Bank Smart, they asked us to email them with all the details that was given on the phone which we did, Bank Smart is still pursuing us for the monies to which they have changed the dates from when this first started, this started in June 2008 where according to them it started in June 2001. To be quite honest things have got to the stage where we are seriously thinking about exposing Bank Smart to the newspapers & the Scottish fraud squad, believe me they are not getting a penny from us. Yes we all should stick together regarding this 2 bit company.

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Maan Deeq | | VERIFIED

I am with you in this. Let's stick together. This is a crook company/bank.

Carl Bigvern | | VERIFIED

Having same experience agreed to pay invoice and stop any claims but still keep getting invoices through wanting more mkney
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