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Angie's complaint against Bank Smart

Angie Farrington


Breach of contract

Complaint against Bank Smart

I don't know this company and never contacted them about ppi and they are saying I am in breach of contract with them this is the second letter I have received the first one I binned. I have looked on the internet and found a few people in the same predicament I have tried to ring them but nobody answers a phone and can't leave a message. I emailed them saying I was not going to pay them. The ppi claim they are referring to was paid out to me last year. I had never heard of these people before they wrote to me. Bank smart have written my middle name wrong and wrongly written my address too. I don't intend to pay them any money I will block their emails if they bombard me and throw away any mail. Angie

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Maan Deeq | | VERIFIED

Same here. Exactly like your situation. They kept bombarding me with threatening letters and emails. I kept ignoring them but they are still sending these emails and letters. I am thinking what other steps to take now.
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