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Alan's complaint against Bank Smart

Alan Snowdon


Charged for unsuccessful claim where an offer was made by card company

Complaint against Bank Smart

Had reason to speak to one of my old credit card companies re PPI. Originally told the claim was unsuccessful by Bank Smart. From memory I think I had paid £130 in PPI payments. The credit card company have now told me they accepted the claim and offered £98 to Bank Smart who rejected it and asked for an increased offer. The credit card company refused and gave their reasons and they never heard anything further from Bank Smart who then charged me £99 + VAT for their efforts. Have also spoken to my previous bank who I had a credit card with. This claim supposedly went to court at a venue 350 miles from my home. My claim was for about £800 from which the "appointed Solicitors" were taking approx £700 costs which meant my £100 would not cover return trip to the court, possible 2 nights hotel and 3 days holiday taken from work so I declined to attend. The "Solicitor" rang and advised the claim had been rejected as I had not attended and that "I had gone into the bank branch and requested the cover". This was a telephone Bank so that would not have happened. This Bank have told me they have no record of this case going to court as any dispute was normally referred to the Financial Ombudsman whose decision was usually final.

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Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

Did they state which court? if so, you can contact the court directly and ask them if this was ever registered? That should be your first port of call, ask for the court papers as you are entitled to them
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