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Dawn's complaint against Bank Smart

Dawn Jeans


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Complaint against Bank Smart

2.5 -3 years ago I contacted this company regarding a PPI with welcome finance . I was told this was on a no win no fee basis - there was no mention of any other PPI . A few months later I called them to say I didn’t want there help anymore. I heard nothing from them for numerous months to now be getting invoices for ‘work’ they supposedly carried out . One invoice was for not signing paperwork for council tax ?!!! Not something I asked them to look at . I am now getting threatened via email as the legal team has no telephone number . I was sent paperwork that was supposed to be from the county court. Oddly it had no official stamp on when i questioned this I was ignored . They are now trying to charge me in excess of a thousand pounds and continue to send me emails and invoices which I have no doubt they are charging me for. I have offered them £200 as a goodwill gesture as i did initially ask for help so I think that’s fair . To which they are refusing and are now saying they are starting legal proceedings / which I have been told by them i will have no warning about ?! Not sure if that is even legal . I am awaiting a reply from the financial ombudsman and fraud action line for advise on how to take this further . Personally I think a judge will laugh this out of court !

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Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

A small claims court exists if money is really owed. They sent me the same letter, and I showed it to a legal contracts expert. Do not panic or worry, do not offer any money from now on. The onus is on them for proof not on you. If they send you a court letter, contact the court and ask for reference number, I have a feeling that they might not have one.
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