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steve's complaint against Bank Smart

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Letters owing money

Complaint against Bank Smart

My complaint if for a friend who claimed a PPI back from halifax through this company and after claiming and settling the fee for recovering money they keep sending letters asking for amounts of money,and my friend is scared that bailiffs are gonna come to her house..I think its a disgrace that a company ,i i can call them a company demanding money from people that where do these payments come from....They need sorting she has already paid them 300 pound before christmas and now they sent another saying she owes 50 pounds.

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Michael Kay | | VERIFIED

DO NOT give these a penny.

Tapas Chatterjee | | VERIFIED

Please read my complaint. Do not pay them a penny and asked for the £300 back if she does not owe them. They are a bully and a dishonest company they told I me that I owe them £3148.16 and threatened me to take legal action but now they have backed out and said that they will wipe off the whole debt ( which never exist) but I will take legal action for the unnecessary harassment for past 8 years.

Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

Do not pay a penny. the bailiffs can do nothing unless you let them in. This company is headed by two charlatans Paul and Simon Smart who are two IT guys who almost went bankrupt, what a pity they didn't. I am now investigating their address and trying to locate their personal addresses as I intend to contact Watchdog
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