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Simon's complaint against Bank Smart

Simon Monks


No win no fee, then invoiced for unsuccessful claims!!!!

Complaint against Bank Smart

This company have ripped me off for over £500. No Win No Fee, so they asked me to list all company's I have either had a loan or mortgage with, I did confirm, albeit over the phone, that I would not be charged for any unsuccessful claims to which they agreed. They so say contacted sixdifferent company's that I listed and won £500 from one of them. They than invoiced me for over £600 for the non successful claims and kept my £500 and are now threatening me with court if I don't pay them the additional £100. I should have done more research as all I can find on line is people in the same predicament as myself. They won't even give you a telephone number so that you can speak to someone. This company needs stopped

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Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

What do the terms and conditions say? Find your original documentation do not ask them for it as they will send a different slightly amended document.
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