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Nikki's complaint against Bank Smart

Nikki Piggott


Payment demands

Complaint against Bank Smart

Bank smart contacted me claiming to get ppi back for me on previous loans I was actually given the impression they worked on behalf of my bank..The got me 3 lots of ppi bank the largest amount took 2.5 years.I paid their fees immediately. Theyve just sent me a bill for 481 pounds and I'm. Beside myself.Threatening court and bailiffs.The last letter said I could pay 20 to close the case so I did so why this now out of the blue.I'm fuming and worried.

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Sukhy Bahia | | VERIFIED

The organisation is a bunch of charlatans, they harass individuals because their threatening behaviour works as people become scared and pay up. don't pay but do respond by informing them that the matter is closed
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