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Sian's complaint against Credit Hub

Sian Goodchild


[RESPONDED] 14.99 taken from my account on 2 occasions

Complaint against Credit Hub

I was trying to get a loan a few months back and had no luck, went through a site called loan marketing and signed up for a free trial on credit hub to see my credit score, but can't log in. I have had 2 maybe 3 14.99 payments taken out of my account and have not even used the service, and I have gone to go and log in and it will not let me, I have gone to forgotten password numerous times and have not received an email with a new password! I am not happy all I have wanted to do is cancel the subcription and get my money back and future payments to stop! Please help me and get this resolved, thanks

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Craig Moore | | VERIFIED

I am having the exact same issue! I have sent an email and there has not been a response yet. I would also like to put an end to this. I never decided to take a loan out but remember singing up on credithub for a free trial. And yes, the site doesn't work either, it's getting me really worried and frustrated. Is there any chance this can all stop and put an end to anymore payments coming out of my account?

Sian Goodchild | | VERIFIED

I think the company is a scam, they haven't even sent a reply back to my last comment. Because they know their company has been found to be fraud. I will give a few more days and if they do not reply and give the money back they took from me I will have to take legal action. I'm not having company's like this thinking they can scam people and get away with it.

Louise Buxton | | VERIFIED

Dear Craig, So that we can locate you on our system and help resolve this for you, please could you call us on 0844 251 1780?

Craig Moore | | VERIFIED

I have been notified via email from that my account has now been closed and no further payments will be taken. Thanks for looking into the issue for me.

Louise Buxton | | VERIFIED

Dear Sian, I can cancel the account now to ensure no further payments have been taken. We are sorry you have had difficulties, but if you had called or emailed us we may have been able to help you resolve the issues. If you require anything further please call us on 0844 251 1780.

Sian Goodchild | | VERIFIED

I could not call or email as the 'contact us' link at he bottom of your site does not work. I tried on several occasions and it did not work! This is your error not mine as I have tried and tried and nothing worked, I clicked forgot password, didn't work. I tried over and over again, didn't work so as anybody would do I went to the contact us link at the bottom of your web page and yet again that did not work!. Your company is a scam! I would like my money back that you have taken please!!

Louise Buxton | | VERIFIED

Dear Sian, We have tried to call your landline and mobile to resolve this, but cannot get any answer. Your landline appears not to be working. Are you able to give us a call please?
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