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Gabi's complaint against Credit Hub

Gabi Smith


Credit Hub taking £14.99 from my bank account each month !

Complaint against Credit Hub

I am fed up after discovering that Credit Hub has been debiting my bank account for £14.99 for the last 4 months and I cannot reach this company. I don't have a clue who this company is and cannot understand where they got my bank details from. Initially I thought it was my Experian debit order which appears as Credit Exp on my bank statement and assumed they had changed the reference description, so I accepted it. But then I noticed the payment of £14.99 for Credit Hub as well as the payment of £14.99 for Credit Exp debited to my account in the same week ! I checked my bank statement and noticed that Credit Hub has been debiting my account with £14.99 for the past 4 months. I contacted my bank who have blocked any further payments but cannot refund these payments. They have given the telephone number for Credit Hub but I have not had any success in reaching this company. I want this resolved and my money refunded as I have never used or had any agreement or subscribed to this company. This is a scam and illegal !

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