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kevan's complaint against Credit Hub

kevan richards


Money taken out of my account

Complaint against Credit Hub

This is an email I wrote to my bank after I found that £14.99 had been taken from my account every month. Thank you for your letter dated 05/10/16 concerning recent transactions with Credithub. I applied for a sub-prime loan and I was required to enter my personal details for the loan. I knew I was only eligible for a sub-prime loan as I am already with a credit reference company, Clearscore, which is completely free so why would I sign up for exactly the same service which is going to cost me £14.99 a month? Even the best credit reference agencies out there, Equifax and Experian, only charge £9.99 a month. Credithub state in their correspondence that they sent me an email outlining this but they didn't. Their letter only describes a transaction receipt which wasn't sent to me. If you were to contact them, you will establish that I have never used their agency to view my credit score. This company is scamming money from people who are in a poor financial position anyway and by taking the money back from me, you are condoning these poor financial practices. I was merely trying to get a short term loan, and not signing up for a service I already had for nothing. If you were to go on their website, you can see that it is designed to make the loan applicant think he is filling out a loan application, and not signing up to a credit reference agency. If you do decide to continue and retake these charges from my account, I will be forced to go the Financial Ombudsman as I feel that strongly about the dubious practices you are allowing this company to take. My bank initially refunded these charges but after contacting Credthub, they took them back out of my account. I have complained again but t no avail. My advice is to steer clear of this company and their dubious practices but this is easy to say in hindsight

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