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Helen's complaint against Credit Hub

Helen Pitt


Service charges are not made clear.

Complaint against Credit Hub

Just after Christmas I went mooching about the net for a payday loan of £100. I decided against taking a loan in the end as there were so many companies contacting me it became massively confusing. On December 30th, a company called Credit Hub took £14.99 from my bank account. I couldn`t recall who Credit Hub were and certainly wasn`t aware of having entered into any financial arrangement with them. As if I would for the sake of a hundred quid! I looked at some reviews and there are SCRILLIONS of complaints about the underhand method this company employs to swindle money out of unsuspecting members of the public. Sure the information is on their website but anyone looking for a small loan would not read the entire website in order to scrutinize the small print. I have looked again now and can see that they are brokers but I would not have thought to look for a separate page that says "about our charges" because it just isn`t apparent at all. When I e mailed them to complain, my e mail bounced twice. When I contacted them on the phone the gentleman I spoke to was cold, brusque and spoke to me as though I were a small and rather stupid child. I would advise anyone to keep away from this company and get yourselves a penny jar. It`s a lot less hassle!

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