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Stephen's complaint against Credit Hub

Stephen Milner


Theft of money monthly from my bank

Complaint against Credit Hub

Whilst working abroad I check my bank almost every day ensuring payments due go out and Money goes in and that no fraudulent activity is going on as I also use my debit card to purchase things . So a few months have gone by and I’ve noticed a payment to credit hub thinking it’s perhaps a payment to a credit card company etc So today I decided to google who they are to put my mind at ease . To my shock I find out it’s some loan broker ! Yes broker that somehow has my bank card details and is taking a subscription fee from me every month !! Apparently the will send a letter so I can cancel the payment ! Apparently I’m in contact with the fraud office as I’ve not applied for any loans or credit for some time but the low life at credit hub are not interested !! Perhaps they may be when I turn up to collect my money back #highcourtsheriff !!

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