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James's complaint against Pockit

James Marshall


[LAPSED] Useless

Complaint against Pockit

Totally useless. It takes about an hour and a half or so everytime you load your card by bank transfer. They are less than useless on Sundays. Today is Sunday, my card was loaded at 10am and it's half 3 and it's still not gone on. I've rang them twice. The first time the guy (who you could barely understand) couldn't care less and said it could take up to 5 hours to go on my card, I've just rang again and the woman said that their fasterpayments aren't working but they are trying to fix it. I don't expect to be able to access this money at all today now. Once you load your card, they get the money then it just seems like they'll credit your account when they can be bothered. Avoid like the plague. NB.. Every time my card has been loaded on a Sunday there has been problems. It's like they run with a total skeleton staff that don't know what they are doing. The last time I had need to ring it was a Sunday too. I had someone put me £1 in because its costs 99p to withdraw cash from an ATM (fair enough) but virtually a whole day had gone by and it hadn't gone on. When I rang them that time NO ONE in their building knew what the minimum amount was that you had to put on so you could load your card. She even went away to ask. You couldn't make it up. Edited to add: It's 17:40 and my money still isn't on my card. It was put on at 10:00 this morning. Edit: 19:31 still not in.

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Lapsed. James has not responded in 90 days

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Adam Smith | | VERIFIED

support us shut pockit down https://www.facebook.com/groups/744066085929310/

Alice Smith | | VERIFIED

Hello Alan, We are sorry to hear this and are constantly working to improve our service. If you reach out to us on 020 3322 9170 or [email protected] we can help you resolve this.
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