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William's complaint against Pockit

William Campbell


Abusuve and threatening behaviour by oockit staff

Complaint against Pockit

I apologise for profanity but they swore and threatened my appointee paul whitehead. Like me paul is disabled and has m/s. Pockit will not upgrade my account althou all id has been sent and a letter of Appointeeship which is a legal document and usable in a court of law. Pockit did not warn us that the account cant be used all the time balance has to stay under 200. We wanted it upgraded so we can withdraw all the funds. Currently Pockit are unlawfully witholding monies from a sick and disabled person. I nearly lost my residence as i couldnt pay my rent top up. Ive had to borrow from paul whitehead so i can pay rent. This is unfair and unacceptable. By law if someone has authorised a person or persons to speak to a company they cannot refuse it like they have in this case. No one seems to want to help. We have had the same email 21 times about paperwork that already been approved

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Adam Smith | | VERIFIED

support us shut pockit down https://www.facebook.com/groups/744066085929310/

George Tansey | | VERIFIED

Take them to small claims court. Its very easy Also complain to Wirecard solutions who are their licencee. Copy in financial services ombudsman. I took them to small claim and it was the only way I was going to get my money back. If your daunted visit Citizens advice. DONT LET THEM AWAY WITH IT.

Marija Waxing | | VERIFIED

George please can you help me. With what I need to start? Whey unblock my account already for 3 weeks I have send them all documents they have asked. Now they sometimes answer my emails. Do I need to write any letter to POCKIT or do straight to the small claim court. Thank you
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