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KHAWAJA MAZHAR's complaint against Pockit



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Complaint against Pockit

Dear Sir / Madam, Customer Ref: 234320939 I am writing to lodge a formal complaint in regard to customer reference number hereabove. I have registered with Pockit earlier this year and have used it successfully until last week. On or around 15th August 2017 a payment for the sum of £1127 was credited into my account . Whereas on or around 16th August I attempted to transfer £800 from my account into my wife, which FAILED. On Friday 18th August, I telephoned Pockit Help-line to enquire about the failure aforementioned. I was informed that the transfer failed because the Pockit system required ID verification and that I should email 2 separate forms of IDs for the account to be reinstated. No further explanation was provided by the agent over the phone. On Saturday 19th August, I emailed Pockit Help with a copy of my Passport and a Council Tax statement both of which are duly received and noted on the Pockit system. The email also explained the primary purpose of the account/card and the attempted transfer in question. Since the email, my account remains disabled and therefore I am unable to withdraw or transfer any funds. I have not received any telephone call nor email from anyone whatsoever which neither requests for more information nor indicates as to when the account will be activated. I have regularly called the customer service who are unable to assist or to advise when the matter will be resolved. I am extremely frustrated and displeased with Pockit and its service. I urgently need the monies in my account in order to settle bills and support for my young children. Unless Pockit suggests otherwise, there is no reason that my account should remain disabled or blocked despite the evidence already provided. You are therefore instructed to reinstate my account with immediate effect. I hope the matter will be resolved amicably and as quickly as possible. Kind Regards,

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